Part 1 Getting Good at Gaining Wisdom

1.    Changing Your Life for (the) Good

2.    Cooking Up New Rituals

3.    Putting the Life in Lifelong Learning

4.    Discovering Your Inner Pilgrim 

5.    Exercising for Sages in Training

Gaining Wisdom: Tools and Resources

Part 2 Getting Good at Getting Along 

6.    Honoring Your Father and Mother 

7.    Caring for (and  Feeding) Adult Children

8.    Teaching Your (Children’s) Children Well

9.    Rekindling the Flame

10.   Acquiring for Yourself a Friend

11.   Finding or Creating a Community   

Getting Along: Tools and Resources

Part 3 Getting Good at Getting Better

12.   Staying Fit Is a Mitzvah

13.   Taking Care of Your (Emotional) Self

14.   Visiting Someone Who’s Sick

15.   Living in the Land of the Sick

16.   Mourning and Moving On

17.   Regarding My Body

Getting Better:  Tools and Resources

Part 4 Getting Good at Getting Ready

18.   Getting Your Stuff Together

19.   Planning for What You Don’t Want to Plan For

20.   Having the Last Word in Funeral Planning

21.   Talking about Life and Death                                           

Getting Ready: Tools and Resources


Part 5 Getting Good at Giving Back

22.   Giving a Damn and Getting Involved

23.   Making Purpose Your True North

24.   Volunteering with its Joys (and Occasional Oys)

25.   Giving with No Possibility of Being Repaid

26.   Touching the Future through Mentoring

Giving Back: Tools and Resources

Part 6 Getting Good at Giving Away

27.   Giving Strategically to Make Real Change

28.   Mixing Community and Philanthropy

29.   Leaving a Legacy,  Not a Landfill

30.   Telling Your Story

31.   Remembering Me Like This

Giving Away: Tools and Resources